capture VAULT

FREE TOOL! The safe heart of media management with best practice in copyright management and seamless integration with asset security services.


capture VAULT is a free tool that allows assets to be registered with services that help protect their copyright.

Capture VAULT details

capture VAULT integrates with the Copyright Hub's Open Permissions Platform (OPP), and other asset registries and security services as they come on stream. It does this by embedding HubKeys. They are part of the OPP that has been built by Digital Catapult in conjunction with the Copyright Hub. It is a fully open source platform, which aims to help cross-media, cross industry licensing and tracking, using machine-readable, automated processes.

Having a HubKey embedded in your images will increase their security - and make it more likely usages will be properly tracked and recompensed - when they are out there in the wide world of the Web.

Capture is committed to integrating with similar services in the future. At Capture we're always in pursuit of copyright protection and recognition, keeping your assets safe as part of an easy and seamless process. We want to make copyright protection an integral part of the Capture platform and therefore include it in the price.

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