capture SEO

Website module which enhances the visibility of a public facing website through the optimisation of assets available to search engines.

The capture SEO module creates search engine-friendly assets that allow your content to be found quickly and easily.

Unique URL

Each asset available to a public search engine has a unique URL.

Asset searchability

Improve the ability for assets to be seen by search engines.

Controlled assets

Control which assets are available through SEO and which are not.

Sitemap auto-generation

Create an XML sitemap automatically for all publicly-available assets.

Further benefits of SEO

The Capture SEO module will auto-generate an XML sitemap for submission to Google to help raise Google rankings. Each asset in the system is:

  • Automatically given a unique search engine-friendly, customisable URL.
  • Rights controlled.
  • Compatible with a customised landing page, and the URL can be embedded into the image to ensure users are directed to the appropriate web link.

The finding and retrieval of your digital assets will ultimately depend upon the metadata that you have available within each asset.

Please contact us for further information - or contact our keywording team who will be able to help you to optimise your content.

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