Sophisticated royalty engine designed to reward digital asset contributors on many different levels - and make managing their payments a cinch.

Configurable percentages

Simple two-way split between contributor and agency - percentages can be varied at various stages in the process.


Real-time commission calculations as soon as an asset is added to an invoice by whatever means.


Complete automation of commission payments – Capture ROYALTIES manages the commission calculations, including background accounting and the ability to handle Withholding Tax.

capture ROYALTIES Details

Once contributor accounts have been set up in Capture CRM where royalty agreements and rights allowed/not allowed (amongst other details) are recorded this standard Simple Commission package allows for a range of features to manage the contributor and royalty relationship.  Features include automatic association of a contributor with their assets, configurable payment percentages for a simple two-way split between contributor and agency, complete automation of commission payments including commission calculations, background accounting and the handling of tax.

There is also the ability to debit/credit a contributor account, and automatically adjust their commission accordingly with real-time commission calculations as soon as an asset is added to an invoice by whatever means.

Contributor payment runs to be carried out at a click providing fast and efficient payment. The product can also generate sales reports and bulk emailing to contributors at the click of a button.

Contributors can securely log into their own private area and check their accounts with all information updating in real time. Site owners can customise what information contributors can view – for example unpaid client invoices can be hidden. Multiple reports can be viewed including payment of royalties from one country or worldwide sales, and there are reports to keep track of timely payments.

The Simple Commission standard package provides simple two-way commission split between contributor and agency. Percentages can be varied at various stages in the process. There are percentage payment options - global percentages can be entered in the system, alternatively commission percentages can be over ridden at any stage: against the contributor account, against a specific image/asset or even at the invoice stage.

The Complex Commission - optional extra 1 - can be set up to design complex payment models including any combination of the following: commission based on licence type; commission based on collection type; commission based on asset type; commission based on sale type; commission based on contributor type. Just as for Simple Commission, these percentages can be varied at different stages in the process.

Introducer Commission - optional extra 2 - is for a special commission being routed back to the introducers of a contributor, when a sale is made.

Split commission - optional extra 3 - manages any number of parties sharing the commission on an asset or any number of parties sharing the commission on a particular job.

Asset Level Auto Deductions - optional extra 4 - allows amounts to be automatically deducted against individual assets, for instance, to recoup scanning costs.

I cannot tell you how much I love working with the new royalty database from Capture.

Valerie Saunders, Tetra Images

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