capture REPORTS

Powerful, customisable reports module which pulls together statistics and information from all areas of the system - allowing you to plan the next stages of the business with confidence.

Start with ready-formatted reports - and in no time become an expert, building Capture REPORTS yourself.


Analyse the success of campaigns through Capture CRM and FINANCIALS.

Business management

Analyse your best-performing assets. Pinpoint what users are looking for - and where there are gaps in your content. Drive your business with informed decisions underpinned by capture REPORTS.

Selling power

Coupled with our FINANCIALS and ROYALTIES modules you will be able to monitor and report on new and historical sales, knowing and nurturing your top performers.

More Information

With this fully configurable and powerful tool, you can design and create reports to track any aspect of the Capture system. The data from the reports can then be used to aid making business decisions. It is fully configurable and can produce powerful reports that can analyse any data.

Possible reports include: sales, downloads, what has been searched for and not found, what has been searched for but only a few results have been found, asset usage, customer details, photographer commissions, visitor analytics, full financial reporting.

Null searches – to reveal what is being missed.

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