Make sure the right audience see the intended assets. Rights management and multiple-layered permissions control for users and assets for varying levels of access.

With capture PERMISSIONS you can control access rights, and ensure that the right people see the correct content.

Download privileges

Establish the level of access for users through the multi-level PERMISSIONS module - from 'view only' through to direct download.

Special access to collections

Get the maximum value from your content by allowing special access - or a subscription - to different categories within your overall collection.


See who has downloaded which assets and when - and how they have been used.

Controlled access

Decide who can see which assets - and easily change permissions on a granular basis.

capture PERMISSIONS details

Make sure that your assets are kept safe and secure, set up user group permissions and allow certain groups to view certain assets. Not only good for viewing, but also control download permissions. Restrictions can be changed and manged in the capture CRM, and any clashes will be flagged by the system.

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