Know what you have, where to find it and how you can use it within this digital asset management (DAM) solution. Management of all types of digital assets including photos, videos, audio, documents, illustrations and much more.


capture MEDIA MANAGER is the heart of the back-office system.
It allows an authenticated user the ability to add, view or manage the assets with the system.


Includes capture VAULT - the safe heart of media management - that allows easy registration with asset security services to help copyright protection.

Save time, save money!

Bulk edit assets, batch upload files, find and re-purpose content quickly and easily - all saving you time, effort and money.

Right where you left it

Find all your assets easily - and manage rights to make sure only the right end users get access to the right content.

Key features

With capture MEDIA MANAGER you can easily upload assets using multiple methods - including FTP, Hot Folder ingestion and direct import - individually or in bulk. Once the assets are in the system the user can manage, store or re-purpose the assets. The system will accept any asset type including images/photos, videos, audio, documents, illustrations, designs and many more.


Viewing assets in a grid or list for browsing, searching and filtering helps accelerate the ability to locate the correct content quickly. Alternatively the advanced search function enables users to rapidly refine their criteria. Just upload the highest resolution asset you will need - and the lower resolution derivative images, for viewing or download options, are automatically created, speeding up the time it takes to get content online.

Using secure login and permissions allows control over what staff using the back-office can see or do. Rights and licensing criteria can be quickly viewed and edited for all assets - which then means front-end users can only access and use assets as intended.

Rights Management support gives content contributors the confidence that their assets will be well managed and used appropriately and provides customers with the knowledge they can make appropriate purchasing decisions. Trusted contributors can self-upload directly into MEDIA MANAGER.

Model and property releases are handled, ensuring agreed usage for people or property that are depicted in the images. Meanwhile, assets can be grouped into Services and Sets which allow meaningful, hierarchical, permissions-controlled categorisation on the front-end Capture WEBSITE.

Metadata read and write means the system will read metadata either embedded in an asset (or in an accompanying text file) as it is ingested - and when that asset eventually leaves 'home' (MEDIA MANAGER back-office) to be distributed or appear on the front-end for public or organisation-wide use, the newly created metadata travels with it.

For bulk asset management, there are multiple metadata mappings for ingest and download to accelerate tagging. There are at least 70 configurable metadata fields excluding keywords fields - we provide one of the most extensive tagging engines and produce multi-lingual support enabling Capture to provide global reach.

Capture MEDIA MANAGER supports all standard protocols - and assets can be downloaded to the desktop, or sent directly by FTP or email from the system.

Multiple documents can be attached to assets (for instance contracts or agreements), automatic actions speed up a whole range of processes, and Hot Folder functionality is designed to save time by enriching asset data at point of ingest.


Handles IPTC, XMP, industry standards – Capture MEDIA MANAGER integrates will all key industry standards.Continued integration with Copyright Hub and other asset registries and security services as they come on stream, provides confidence for creators and users that any copyright or rights management risks are understood and addressed using Capture MEDIA MANAGER.

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