On-site, ringside editing on a robust, portable dedicated server combines the flexibility of the 'cloud' with the immediacy of a fast-moving event.

capture LIVE EVENTS details

Capture LIVE EVENTS is an optional standalone add-on to Capture DISTRIBUTOR. It includes all the same rapid distribution functionality - but comes pre-installed on a portable, robust server that can be installed ringside for the duration of an event.

Save valuable seconds by distributing to all your social media targets from one elegant page.

Capture LIVE EVENTS is designed specifically for live occasions, and accommodates the need to have editors on-site at fast-moving events, when seconds count in delivering content.

LIVE EVENTS brings back immediacy to working with cloud-based systems. It allows initial, instant, on-site editing - with no delay or uncertainties due to bandwidth or data transfer - thus speeding up even further the editing and distribution of valuable content.

The best and most relevant content is quickly selected and pumped out of the event space for distribution within seconds to your website, social media desks - and via FTP and email to multiple, simultaneous global destinations.

You do not have to be signed up to Capture DISTRIBUTOR in order to make use of the Capture LIVE EVENTS - it can be a standalone service

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