Monetise your content - and benefit from a system that is setting new standards in digital asset licensing and copyright management.

With capture LICENSING you can keep track of your licence lifecycles - from creation through to expiry or renewal.

Licence management

Monitor and manage licences prior to, and after, expiry.

Asset copyright

Ability to connect assets with copyright holders and licences.

Licence diversity

Flexibility and capability to tailor licensing needs and requirements according to market demands.


capture LICENSING supports a diverse types of usage such as ‘book publishing’ or ‘for online usage’, as well as licensing types including Rights managed, Royalty Free, Subscriptions, Microstock, Social media embedding technology, Free and Creative Commons. Supporting all these latest licensing models gives the user an automated way of managing multiple customer types easily and efficiently.

Of course, LICENSING does not have to be about making money - it can just be about copyright recognition: something that is close to Capture's heart, and part of its mission is to support through best practices that are central to the Capture platform.

Reporting provides data to help assess and maintain all licences and manage copyright holders. Invoices are created in real time, allowing a seamless user experience, while capturing all the details through capture LICENSING. Once the licences are issued, you can monitor and manage them throughout their lifecycle ... and hopefully through to renewal.

The capture LICENSING module is fully compliant with PLUS (Picture Licensing Universal System) and has an integrated price book facility, automating the commerce aspect and application of complex - or very simple - rights. A powerful add on, made stronger when combined with other system components.

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