State of the art keywording tool that allows users to enrich metadata across thousands of assets quickly and accurately, vastly increasing the discoverability of content.

capture KEYWORDER Details

With capture KEYWORDER there is nothing we haven't thought about to help you apply descriptive keywords to help find your assets.

Captions and descriptive data can be added quickly across batches of assets - or taxonomies and hierarchical vocabularies can be controlled in multiple ways to allow accurate and fast tagging. The bulk keywording capability can accelerate the process and help save time and money and the multiple hierarchical trees help manage multiple levels of granular tagging information to ensure advanced searches can be supported.

There is an auto-set function to allow automatic keywording to save time and ensure assets can automatically be found. Multi-lingual and online thesaurus functionality provides global support for organisations needing to tag any asset.

Quality checking tools give the user diagnostic capability to ensure the same standard of asset tagging across the asset library, while workflow tools for managing keyworders and proofers boost productivity and allow monitoring.

Configurable permission-controlled screens can be defined so interfaces can be set up to suit the work and the capabilities of the keyworder. Customised views with configurable fields can be defined to support the keyworders' preferred working environment.

The system supports different tasks for different skills so specialists can apply their knowledge, while visual keywording experts can increase commercial searchability - all in the same system.

As a web-based platform your keyworders can log in from anywhere to do their work.

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