Rapid, effortless distribution of all digital assets and metadata to multiple simultaneous global destinations - including social media desks - within 30 seconds of shutter click, and automatic preparation of metadata for agents worldwide.

capture DISTRIBUTOR Details

The name capture DISTRIBUTOR belies the exciting possibilities of this product - within 30 seconds of clicking the camera shutter, content (including metadata) can be distributed to social media desks, appear on your front-end Capture WEBSITE, and be distributed via FTP and email.

Save valuable seconds by distributing to all your social media targets from one elegant page.

Capture DISTRIBUTOR does exactly what it says - its helps to manage assets through their distribution journey, whether that is instant, global dissemination direct from camera, or sending content out on a regular basis to agents, or any other distribution method.

Functions include automatically preparing metadata for agent distribution, in-the-background delivery via FTP, simultaneous delivery to multiple destinations and the automated delivery of assets based on a folder or job. Whatever the distribution requirement, the journey is tracked and communicated via error reporting and notifications.

Augment capture DISTRIBUTOR with capture LIVE EVENTS which allows on-site, ringside editing on a robust, portable dedicated server combining the flexibility of the 'cloud' with the immediacy of a fast-moving event.

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