capture DESK

A highly efficient, revolutionary and patented web-based media research, collaboration and selection tool that addresses all the needs and challenges faced by visual content researchers when sourcing digital imagery.


capture DESK is a patented, web-based media collaboration tool. With the ‘right-click’ tool, gathering your media and associated data and rights has never been easier. Capture DESK then allows you to share your project with others remotely.

Work on multiple projects

Capture DESK allows you to handle a number of projects at the same time. You can add folders within folders to reflect the structure of your work, making managing assets easier and clearer.


Share your projects, and collaborate with anyone you choose, to swap opinions, impart information - and make final selections of images, videos, documents ... any kind of digital file.

Save time, boost accuracy

Save time with the 'right-click' functionality that allows you to send images and associated data to Capture DESK from any website - ensuring you always know the source of your assets.

This web-based project organiser helps media researchers and editors compile the assets they need. The real-time collaboration tool provides selection processes to accelerate research, and by using the slick right-click function can transfer media and information from websites directly to the destination folder in Capture DESK, saving time and ensuring the correct information sticks with the asset.

This product allows users to remain compliant by organising and working with rights management and permission letters for each and every image selected. It can manage multiple projects and provides remote collaboration capability enabling a group of people to remotely engage simultaneously on all content required.

Integration with the Copyright Hub means assets containing HubKeys are immediately identified - and can be licensed from the source website (provided an API is in place).

The software can be accessed by any device and can handle any type of digital content - including images and video.

Log on to and take a look. The 'freemium' model allows you to get started for FREE!

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