capture CRM

Management of clients and contributor accounts as well as all contacts, opportunities, tasks and calendars at a company and individual level.


capture CRM enables you to manage contacts, clients, contributors, opportunities, meetings and related tasks. Store details, manage accounts and permissions, share with ease - a snapshots of client activity at your fingertips.


Manage your contacts - including client and contributor accounts. Keep their details secure in a central location with Capture CRM.

Calendar and task management

Schedule events and keep track of all your opportunities and tasks using capture CRM.


Get  your message out! Create newsletters seamlessly via Capture CRM and its integration with Maxemail.

Capture CRM

Capture CRM is our Contact Relationship Management solution - and that's exactly what it does ... and much more.

Easily manage all client and end user information in our extensive contact database. Manage relationships with contributors, copyright holders and royalty earners or track engagement with customers. All types of contact relationships can be managed and permission controls applied for sensitive relationship management.

Tags can be applied to CRM records for managing tasks or diarizing activity, emails can be sent from within the system or attachments can be uploads to a contact helping to provide flexible management.

Newsletter functionality – Maxemail is currently integrated, and other platforms are also being brought on board.

Capture CRM is an integral part of capture WEBSITE.

Capture CRM

CRM Pro is an optional extra if you want to work collaboratively. For sales management – manage and control all stages of a sales funnel including email integration, task management and opportunity progression through the sales stages. For the team - create and manage tasks and calendars to make sure nothing gets forgotten.

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