capture CMS

FREE TOOL! Make your front-end website your own by using our powerful Content Management System to control the design of Capture WEBSITE.

Capture CMS (Content Management System) offers built-in durability, with the ability to keep your website fresh and relevant - without extra costs.

Easy updates

Updating your website is easy and can all be done in our CMS.

Fully customisable

Tweak the templates Capture ships with – or go for a dramatic redesign.


Keep your website looking fresh and relevant.

More details on Capture CMS

With the Capture CMS system, you can manage the look and feel of the front end website all through the Capture MEDIA MANAGER. This makes it easier to carry out changes on a frequent basis - keeping you in control and allowing updates as frequently as you need.

The current system is Capture Ltd’s own proprietary system, but going forward we will be offering a unique combination of the world’s most popular website builder, aligned with all the power of Capture Digital Asset Management (DAM), business and e-commerce capabilities.

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