GLAM – archive and digital preservation of content

Posted on: 22nd March, 2016 by capture
Camera on stacked books

GLAM – not a blog about looking gorgeous – we’re talking Galleries, Libraries, Archives & Museums!

The huge increase in digital content over the last 10 years has meant a bombardment of information. However the GLAM sector still hold thousands of analogue assets that should to be accessible by researchers and the general public.

A Digital Media library or Digital Asset Management system (DAM) enables GLAM organisations to archive digital and analogue files, to place their collections online and then publish for external audiences. This is critical if the next generation is able to appreciate historic events or items of national importance.

So what’s the best the path?

Here at Capture we provide extensive expertise and experience to the GLAM sector, partnering with organisations such as the ‘British Library’,

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