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Our diverse range of clients present us with a variety of projects and challenges – the flexibility and scope of our products and services means we are able to offer solutions to many different sectors and we are happy to show you some of them here:

An overview of the grounds. The Championships 2018. Held at The All England Lawn Tennis Club, Wimbledon. AELTC

This year our photographic production is larger and more extensive than ever before - and being delivered faster than ever before too. It is Capture who provides us with the tools to deliver this content so quickly. Only the best will do for The Championships both visually and technically. We want every department at Wimbledon to continually live up to our slogan ‘In Pursuit of Greatness’. Fractions of seconds can be game changers when you are striving to produce world class imagery in fast-moving tennis matches across 18 different courts and with hundreds of players and countless amazing moments, both on and off court. Bob Martin.

Capture are experts at managing digital images and are very proud to have worked with Wimbledon for several years. We have delivered multiple systems, most recently introducing the latest package: Capture LIVE Workflow. This system enables images to be delivered instantly direct from camera – complete with caption information – to multiple simultaneous global destinations.

I just want to congratulate you on the wonderful product and services you provide. It has been an absolute pleasure working with you all. We are delighted with the website and looking forward to a new chapter in Images & Licensing at the National Gallery of Ireland and a long and happy partnership with Capture. Marie McFeely, Images & Licensing Officer, NGI

The National Gallery wanted its collection online and also to provide a source of revenue generation. Capture worked with them to design and implement a centralised system which exposed The National Gallery collections to a global audience, secured digital rights management, managed royalties & created revenue via the e-commerce section.

Since working with Capture my experience has been overwhelmingly positive, particularly with regard to the direct and prompt support from team members. I enjoy the rapport we have and our shared goal for Mint Images to commercially succeed. Duncan Grossart, CEO, Mint Images

Mint Images is dedicated to creating the world's finest commercial imagery that relates to our environment, sustainability and issues of health and well-being. The Capture Managed Collections team run Mint Images including all administrative tasks, liaising with photographers, managing submissions, keywording and distribution of images. Other Managed Services include invoicing and running commission reports.

The Capture team are brilliant to work with - and their outstanding technology provides an amazing platform, not just to license content, but also to showcase our wonderful imagery, resulting in an uplift in brand awareness, content quality, visibility and marketing, and enable VisitBritain to be part of a network of services and a leading player in supporting UK destination photography and footage. VisitBritain Photography Manager, Jasmine Teer.

Capture's Managed Collections team run the day-to-day marketing and licensing of VisitBritain content; sales and operational management and support; image processing, keywording, quality control and setting up and managing an international distribution network.

It is a real pleasure to work with the Capture team and my experience has been nothing but positive. Capture’s support for getting on board and maintaining all functionality has been excellent and our needs are always met quickly. We are delighted with the website and looking forward to a new chapter in Images & Licensing at the Chicago History Museum. Angela Hoover, Rights and Reproductions Manager

The Chicago History Museum (CHM) has an archive of over 100,000 images and they identified a strong requirement for needing a new digital asset management system. Capture, with its unique mix of digital asset management and business systems, along with Managed Collections services was a perfect fit.