Our diverse range of clients present us with a variety of projects and challenges – the flexibility and scope of our products and services means we are able to offer solutions to many different sectors and we are happy to show you some of them here:

Working with Capture’s terrific technology – and their supportive team – means we can focus on shooting the best images, confident in the knowledge that seconds later they will be being delivered via the Capture system, complete with captions, correct location and attributed to the right photographer. Bob Martin.

Capture are experts at managing digital images and are very proud to have worked with Wimbledon for several years. We have delivered multiple systems, most recently introducing the latest package: Capture LIVE Workflow. This system enables images to be delivered instantly direct from camera – complete with caption information – to multiple simultaneous global destinations.

We selected Capture to provide our platform because not only is their technology second-to-none, but the Capture team is absolutely outstanding in their support and partnership approach to helping us progress our business. SilverHub CTO Lucien Wynn

SilverHub Media are a global image agency that takes brilliant content and makes it work. They provide creative direction to help define 21st century content strategies. Their selection of award winning assignment photographers deliver the creative power to shoot iconic images and the partnership with Capture means they can manage and distribute the content to their global clients instantly.